1970 Foundation of “Hankook Flag” (In Busan)

1979 Foundation of Printing Office-”Hankook Flag” (In Busan)

1983 1.28 Foundation of “Daehan Corporation”

- Dyeing Processing Factory (In Daegu)

1996 8.1 Foundation of “Daehan Textile Co.,Ltd” (In Daegu)

1999 4.20 Change a trade name “Hankook Flag” to “Daehan Flag”

2003 12.11 Foundation of “Daehan Media Co.,Ltd”

- Coating Processing Factory (In Busan)

2009 3.15 Established Kyung-Nam banch (In Kimhae)

2009 5.4 Change a trade name “Daehan Textile Co.,Ltd”

to “Daehan Media Bank Co.,Ltd”

2016 10.25 Established “MPALT” Daejeon branch

2017 Established “MPLAT” Cheongju branch

2018 Foundation of Daehan Media second factory as weaving process